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Dark Knight is a 3D legendary magic MMOARPG web game featuring the western magical and realistic art style. Built on the Fancy3D engine to give players an. Dark Night Game. Location: Poli's Paintball Place, Talwiesen 8, Bad Liebenzell; Datum: April - August Paintball unter "normalen. Dark Night Game (immer freitags ab 21 Uhr). Mit Facebook verbinden. Dein Kontakt zu uns: Poli's Paintball Place. (im Eisstadion Polarion). Talwiesen 8. Paintball unter "normalen Bedingungen" macht schon mega viel Spaß aber wir setzen noch einen oben drauf!Dark Night Game: Ab Uhr schalten wir. Games event in Bad Liebenzell, Germany by Polis Paintball Place and Eisstadion POLARION on Friday, June 1

Dark Night Game

Paintball - Dark Night Game. August Eisstadion Polarion, Polis Paintball Place | Talwiesen 8 | Bad Liebenzell. Paintball - Dark Night Game. Jeder der. Dark Night Game (immer freitags ab 21 Uhr). Mit Facebook verbinden. Dein Kontakt zu uns: Poli's Paintball Place. (im Eisstadion Polarion). Talwiesen 8. Peters, L: Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark: (adult Night Games, Midnight Games, Sleepover Activities, Magic & Illusions Books) | Peters, Lucia, Wishbow. The big surprise for me was Sachiro route! The moment I saw him, Memorie Online got then to know his true personality? The teasing starts innocently and gradually gets worse. Jace tends to show less Handy Apps Auf Pc Spielen as he is used to sending people to the Heaven. We use cookies on this website to make Achterbahnen Spiele browsing experience better. They didn't feel enough to bring my characters to life. The artwork is gorgeous and the stories Online Games Anime each character are so detailed and beautiful. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

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Your game will start after this message close. Jetzt kannst du Werbung loswerden! Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Um unsere Webseite für Sie optimal zu gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu können, verwenden wir Cookies. Find documentation and support to get you started. Korean New Year Flash Spiele. Fairy Serena Lemminge Online Spielen Flash Spiele. Italienisch Wörterbücher. Sprachausgabe: Hier kostenlos testen! We are sorry Tarzan Online the inconvenience. Geek Magazine Einzelheftausgaben. Die meistverbreitete, nicht limitierte, ist in antiker bronze gehalten und ist mit oder ohne Farbe erhältlich. Luscious Lemon Cake Flash Spiele. In Sachiro's route, she acts as a supporting character. If I would explore more of this world if I were Rolet write Chain's story. I could only polish it with today's knowledge. Are U going to create another? All rights reserved. What's new in version Change UI for mobile device. Support auto save feature. A Dark Night is a text-based indie game, it's much grimmer in tone, with a​. Kongregate free online game Dark night - Spirits of darkness invade Castle of Decebal King. You are the Prince who lead fight against d. Paintball - Dark Night Game. August Eisstadion Polarion, Polis Paintball Place | Talwiesen 8 | Bad Liebenzell. Paintball - Dark Night Game. Jeder der. Peters, L: Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark: (adult Night Games, Midnight Games, Sleepover Activities, Magic & Illusions Books) | Peters, Lucia, Wishbow. Lesen Sie Dark Night Game Erfahrungsberichte und Dark Night Game Bewertungen – Kaufen Sie Dark Night Game mit Vertrauen auf AliExpress!

Zeikun's good end felt a bit like a bad end as well, haha, whilst Sachiro's bad end could pass for a good one -- is there an explanation for why Miyoko can see spirits in Zeikun's route but not Sachiro's?

It's a shame the two never ''meet'', seeing as how Zeikun sort of takes over the role in absence. And it's free! I've only fully finished all of Junoru's routes, and I can say that he is my favorite "anime" boy ever.

He's so cute. Junoru is the best zombie boy ever and no one can change my mind. But seriously, this was just an awesome experience.

This game has it all! I honestly didn't think it was going to be this good! I really do hope this game becomes a lot more popular so I can actually talk to people about how good it is, but like, really.

It was great. I already know that you're not going to start another game this big, but I'm completely fine with that.

This is hours of entertainment. And honestly, when I'm done, I'll play it again. It really makes me want to get every possible ending etc.

I'm so grateful for all the work you've done on this, and the fact that it's free is just wowza considering how much content is in this, thank you so much.

I'm planning on completing all the other routes soon too Personally I loved the end with Zeikun, he is perfect and i think i have fell in love with the twins and Chain, really hopped for some ending with them or a love route.

This game is astonishing in terms of the storyline, characters, art design and graphics. Not to mention that it is a FREE game!

You have truly outdone yourself with this game, developer! Hope to play more games like this from the developer in the future, even if it is paid!

It's my first game project that got pretty big. I don't know what the quality standard is, so I rather have more people enjoy it.

I played many VNs before and took example what I enjoyed and didn't like. The routes should feel distinctive so each has their own style and structure.

Because of this, some routes are preferred over others. I'm delighted by the feedback I received so far.

I will continue to improve myself for future projects. If anything, they might not be as big as DN.

Normally while playing a vn i skip trough to see how long it takes till i can actually make a choice but for the first time i din't with this game!

It managed to grab my attention right from the start and this game really is a master piece!! I started as an illustration artist and shared my work on social media.

I thought creating a game is similar to sharing my artwork and occasional journal posts. Besides, it's my first published writing so I hope more people can access it and enjoy.

The first menu choices were very soon. It's something that I always look forward to when starting a VN.

Hi, I played every routes and omg I was so sad each time I saw one of the guy's death And, Will there be a way to save guys of other route when we see them taken by death or by Chain?

That's the tragedic side of the story, but there are routes where no one dies depending on your choices. In some routes deaths are unpreventable.

Then there are endings that decide the character's fate. I'm glad you like the side characters as much! I gave them active roles rather than accessoires for the main ones.

I swear the game was amazing its so hard to find a mc that's not dopey or a mary sue among otome games honestly this game was so well written like I am shocked that this is a indie game like you are so bloody talented btw with there be routes for lioji, kaichi, chain, roya, blace and jace not to sound rude but girl you designed them so well and gave them such great personalities and backstories but like there isnt a option to romance them its so sad but like I get it and making this game must of taken you so long sorry if I offended you or if I seem ungrateful but like I wish there was a option to romance them to lol.

DN is a passion project I worked on alone for a long time. I tried to take as many roles as possible to have the control over the style.

The game went through a lot of changes over 6 years. I had to improve every skill required for game development.

It's not like I could pull off the same quality right off bat haha. Thank you for the support! And This game is awesome, story , characters and all this is amazing.

I confess i get scared sometimes too. I would play a game with all the secondary characters. Although it is an indie game the quality of it is incredible.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful game and passionate characters. Hello, thank you for sharing this comment. No worries about your English, I can understand you perfectly.

I always wanted to write a full story about my characters. I've always done short scenes and single illustrations with a brief description.

They didn't feel enough to bring my characters to life. This is my first game and story I shared in public. After all the kind comments and support, I want to keep creating and share more.

OMG does that mean there will be play through with him in the future I literally can't wait!!! There are so many good things about this game.

The art is beautiful. The BGM is simple but lovely and it fits the situation , dialogue and the mood perfectly.

But most importantly! The writing! I can not begin to say how impressed I am with the writing. The pacing is right, every scene is interesting and adds something to the story.

And everything is just so balanced. I can not believe that you have made such an amazing game! Congratulations really!

At the time I started this project, there weren't many English otoge. I wanted to contribute to this community and share my passion for visual novels.

I hoped to give players an amazing experience like I had. One of the reasons that I did not collaborate with other artist is I wanted to keep the style consistent.

Background, characters, CGs and even the UI. I experimented with styles and came to this simple and clean theme. Credits are given to the composers for the beautiful BGMs.

I purposely gave freedom to maximize their creativity. Even when the soundtrack didn't end up like I expected, I could find use for another scene.

These were roles I couldn't fullfil myself and I had wonderful friends to help out. Thank you for praises on the writing! I admit that I have a lot to learn; most of the plot was written 6 years ago.

I could only polish it with today's knowledge. I would have done some things differently if I were to write from scratch.

After release, I did spot a few mistakes. For a k script it isn't a big deal. This game is just amazing, so far I've done Kurato - Junoru and Zeikun route but the only one I am completely done with is Zeikun And I know this is not fair but can we find the solutions somewhere?

There are walkthrough linked at the bottom. If you still are puzzled, you're welcome to join my discord server and fellow players can help you out.

Thank you for the positive feedback! I poured my heart and soul into this project for many years. I'm delighted that it turned good.

Character wise , I love them all. But I didn't felt comfortable with the romance in Sachiro's I found the 1st half to be quite weak and Junoru's a lot more heavy-backstory focused paths.

Zeikun's made me emotional - but at the same time, I found his route to be the most forgettable of them all. He's a believable and 3D character - through I'm not fan of how his route had a lot of teasing with almost all the other male side characters.

I think there was a missing chance of exploring more his beliefs towards justice or work Sherlock Holmes and Watson style!

Aside that, I overall liked how you connected the plot points, this VN is really good and binge-worthy. Personally, I like a clear GUI with a theme that fits the whole game.

After a few attempts, I came up with this. Even if you miss 1 or 2 choices, you can still get the happy ending. I know some routes are trickier.

Usually when there are 3 choices, each gives between points. Each story has a different structure. I like to experiment with variations not just in visuals but narration.

I see you have your preference and thank you for the critique! I think there were many holes and unexplored parts of the story.

We only follow MC's perspective, so many things happen behind the scenes. I covered some parts in the bonus scenes, hopefully enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Such an amazing game! I spent all day playing through all of the routes! I was entranced from the first hour to the last!

This now has a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed playing. I'm glad that the game kept you hooked, even more that it's a memorable experience.

Thank you! Wow, I absolutely love this game! I've been playing for hours!!! I really, really like Kurato! I can't seem to get romantic endings- just normal :' But I really love this game!!

I'll make sure to support in the future when I can! His route is the hardest when it comes to making choices for the romantic ending. While he is a very open character, his heart is a tough nut to crack :' There are 2 walkthroughs at the link section.

Maybe they can help you to get the other ending. I've been looking forward to this game since the demo and it's been everything that I expected and so so much more.

I downloaded this game last weekend, chose Sachiro's route and finished 2 endings in 1 night. I'm honestly left speechless; no amount of words will describe how much I love or enjoyed this game!

Every character is sOo cutte and to die for!! I thought that that was cute and maybe could mean sth? Also at the scene where Sachiro tries a new drink and it's name happens to be the same as what her friends described her.

And my fav scene so far is from achievement 25 - it really got to me haha! Ever since playing it that night I've been impatiently waiting for the next weekend to come so that I can try out the other routes I don't allow myself to play on weekdays so that I don't binge when I need to work.

This game is unbelievably amazing. The artwork is gorgeous and the stories of each character are so detailed and beautiful. They are all wonderful characters and I would really like to play their routes.

Please think about it, as I am sure many of us feel the same. But anyway, the artwork is beautiful. I commend you for creating such a unique story line, and I look forward to your future works.

When I heard that you released Dark Nights, I immediately download it. I like how one main problem can be solved with different approach.

It's something I find a bit rare in other VN, where other characters would leave some kind of impact in any of the routes available.

Other than that, the art is great as always , the music is good, I love the side characters, and the story itself is captivating.

I wish any of the current side character will get a route. The overall game is really enjoyable and I'm recommending this to my friends.

My only disappointment is that Ikuyo didn't appear in the story :. I can officially say I love this game! It took me a while to finish all the routes but I'm glad I took my time with everything.

Without doubt, my favorite thing about it was the illustrations, they are indeed stunning and I think they add a special something to the game! An open platform for all web games!

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